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Welcome to our pages !

This is brief information for accidental English speaking visitors.

These pages are intended for our friends and for all people who like pleasant environment of a cozy home with a garden.

These pages are discontinued.
No contents is added nor actualized since January 1st, 2012.

Originally we made these pages to share our recipes, photos and gardening tips with a limited number of our friends. Therefore all texts you find here are in Czech language.
As the time went on we added more and more pictures, recipes and tips and the number of visitors increased from 5 to almost 500 per month during two years. Besides Czech visitors our counter indicates many visits from Slovakia and increasing number of random visits from the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and other countries.
Slovak visitors have no problems with language due to its similarity, but the visitors from other countries probably do not understand a single world.

Therefore we added this page to help people who are interesing in contents of our pages however they do not understand Czech.

If you find something interesting for you, please, do not hesitate to use an e-mail or our guest book to contact us for more details.

However you will not understand texts you can find interesting pictures and be inspired by them.
Following is a brief description individual sections to which the above menu refers.

Flowers :
Pictures of flowers from our garden and links to internet albums with more then 300 additional pictures. All the pictures in albums are our original ones.
There is also a small encyclopedia of my favourite flowers.

Animals :
Pictures of our existing an late pets and pictures from our trips to nature and ZOOs.

House and Garden :
Interesting object from our garden (sundial, fireplace, pergola building), seasons decorations and napkin arranging.

Recipes :
There are hundreds of my recipes. All pictures are original ones.

Home pharmacy :
Recipes for various healing teas, face masks and ointments.

Diet :
Recipes for weight reduction diets, BMI and calorie calculators.

Nature and Weather :
Our photos from nature, weather forecast, special Czech names of individual months and ther origin, etc.

We proudly inform that some of our pictures were accepted as wallpapers by Wallpaper.cz. You can download and install them from the following links:

  • Bug on leaf
  • Pink dahlia
  • Red dahlia
  • Ping poppy

    You can download these and more our wallpapers after visiting one of the above links.